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    During my childhood days, the whole village was my play ground. My parents, elders and shamans were my professors and they taught me how to become self-sufficient. They taught me how to handle the tools and knifes for farming and hunting. When I was in secondary school, I spent my weekends working as a part time apprentice craftsman for almost four years. This is where I learned the basic skills of bending and weaving rattan and bamboos. I became a miner from 1987-1990 to earn money for education before entering the university in 1991. Unfortunately, the money I saved from 3 years of mining was not enough to sustain me until I finish a degree. So from 1991-1992, I worked as a freelance musician and craftsman while developing my skills and techniques on traditional bamboo musical instruments. At the same time, I joined Baguio international and local festivals playing with various musicians creating bamboo art installations in different places in the region. In 1993, I was one of the four selected by the Ramon Ubusan Folkloric Group from the 80 who auditioned to be an instrumentalist for the Europe tour concert. This gave me the chance to perform in cities like Belgium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, etc. From 1994-1997, I was appointed as a curator of the Malacanang Museum by the Malacanang Heritage Foundation. I was reunited with Baguio artists in 1998 and I concentrated on improving my skills on arts and crafts at the same time exploring the bamboo musical instrument in different places. It was also this year that I became a back-up instrumentalist for Grace Nono in her concert and her album. In 1999, I went with Arnel Banasan on a music tour in Japan with the Kuri group (Japanese musicians). After, I conducted personal research in Mindanao on bamboo musical instruments and recorded my first album "Ode to Mother Earth". Between 2005-2008, I was either a craftsman or a miner, but it was also during these times that I released my second album entitled "Fugga". I became a volunteer in an NGO from 2008 to 2009. In 2011, I joined Baguio Ax(iS) ART PROJECT Festival as an installation artist. EDAYA ARTS CORDILLERA CORPORATION was founded in 2012 and I act as a co-founder as well as the craftsman. My creations have been exhibited and sold particularly in Japan.

  • "Crafting is the art of life."

    – Edgar banasan

  • Craftsmanship Photos and videos

    These exhibitions have been conducted for the EDAYA JOURNEY featuring the crafts and bamboo installations of Edgar Banasan.

    "The Soul of Kalinga Music"

    The picture depicts the installation during the EDAYA JOURNEY 1 to show the arts of Kalinga (Philippines) bamboo musical instruments that also reflects the way of life of the Kalinga people and how music, arts and craftsmanship are a big chunk of their lifestyle. These installations were also created by Edgar Banasan.

    The "Wisdom Junction"

    The "Wisdom Junction" is a symbolic representation of social relationships and how an individual is inevitably (no matter how  one tries to think that they are better of in solitude) connected to even his/her own self, fellow individuals, community, society, including the nature, other living and non-living things, and the likes. The "Wisdom Junction" hopes to inspire other people to re-think and redesign how they connect themselves to others and realize that every individual's existence is an art on its own, playing an important part in a world mural. This was a design of Edgar Banasan.

  • Workshops and lectures

    Here are the snaps of newspaper articles and some workshops videos conducted.

    "Making Musical Instruments and Studying Filipino Culture"

    This article is from the Tyugokusinbun (Japanese newspaper) talking about the making of bamboo musical instruments and playing workshop facilitated by Edgar Banasan in Onantyoihara last February 2014.

    "Experiencing Unique Instruments: Philippine Indigenous Music"

    A snap of the newspaper article from Saninchuosinpo (Japanese newspaper) about bamboo musical instruments workshop by Edgar Banasan conducted in Shimane prefecture to high school students last February 2014.

    Video from EDAYA workshop program

    -Balingbing playing workshop in Kochi, Japan held last May 2015.

    -Balingbing playing workshop at temple (May 2015)

    -Short demonstration of instruments by Edgar Banasan and EDAYA staff in Tokyo (June 2015)

    Lecture at Tokyo University of Foreign studies

    Bamboo musical instruments workshop for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Cultural Dance Troups (October 2012)

    Lecture & demonstration at Osaka University 

    Noseflute demonstration at Osaka University in Japan (October 2012)

    Lecture & demonstration at Osaka University 

    Balingbing demonstration at Osaka University in Japan (October 2012)

  • magazine and newspaper features

    Below are some shots of articles and images from magazines featuring Edgar Banasan crafts and EDAYA stories.

    Social Products Awards 2016

    This is the magazine coverage for the EDAYA 2014 collection (crafted by Edgar Banasan) awarded with the Social Products Award 2016.

    On Bamboo Culture

    This is an interview by the Sotokoto Magazine (June 2013) in Japan about the EDAYA JOURNEY 1 where Edgar Banasan installations and crafts have been featured. This article also talked about the disappearing bamboo cultures and the importance of nurturing one's own culture, and passing it down to the next generations.

  • craftsmanship technique

    Here's a peek of Edgar Banasan crafting bamboo accessories.


    Email: edgarbanasan@gmail.com or info@edaya-arts.com